John G. Davis, PE

John retired from the University of Wisconsin – Madison in 2020.  At the UW, John taught coursework in the areas of HVAC, refrigeration, building science and building commissioning.  John holds a BS degree in Mechanical Engineering from Iowa State University and graduate degrees from Purdue University and Northwestern University.  John is a Registered Professional Engineer in the State of Wisconsin (#32792) and a member of the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE).

In his spare time, John drives a tractor at a local goat farm.  He also enjoys hiking, kayaking, trout fishing, motorcycling and spending quality time with his dog, Maeve.

2nd Law of Thermo graphic

The 2nd Law of Thermodynamics was the inspiration for our company name.  The 2nd Law states that “in an isolated system, a process can occur only if it increases the total entropy of the system”.  Credit for this mind-numbing definition goes to Rudolf Clausius, 1822 – 1888, a German physicist and mathematician considered one of the central founders of the science of thermodynamics.  In layman’s terms, The 2nd Law tells us that energies flow and they seek equilibrium.  Because of The 2nd Law, heat goes from warm to cold.  Air goes from high to low (static pressure).  Moisture goes from more to less (vapor pressure).  The bigger the delta in the driving functions the more goes you get.  John uses The 2nd Law to troubleshoot and fix your difficult humidity and moisture control problems.

chart courtesy of The TRANE Company
chart courtesy of The TRANE Company

The psychrometric chart was the inspiration for our company logo.  Psychrometrics is the science of moist air properties and processes.  Willis Carrier, 1876 – 1950, best known as the father of modern air conditioning, invented the psychrometric chart in 1904.  Pure genius.  The psychrometric chart is a graphical representation of The 2nd Law.  John knows how to read a psychrometric chart.  In fact, he’s so enamored with this engineering tool that he even has a psychrometric chart tattoo.  Only he thinks it’s cool.